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Un Leader De La PQR & SeoSamba Reçoivent Le Prix De La Transformation Digitale 2016


Communiqué le 15/09/2016

Platform Marketing & Automated SeoSamba 1st Regional Daily Press Group In Spain Named "Best Project From Digital Transformation 2016" With Local Digital Kit" class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" style="cursor: pointer; outline: 0px;">

09.15.2016, Paris (France) - Vocento, the largest group of local and regional press in Spain, was honored for Local Digital Kit, a new online service based on automated marketing platform SeoSamba.

Local Digital Kit by Vocento, marketing services and innovative online advertising using the platform of automated marketing multiuser white label SambaSaaS, is now permanently change the way small and medium enterprises develop their presence and reputation online, as well as their local marketing.

Launched in March 2016, Local Digital Kit met a huge success with advertisers in the local press, culminating in the award of "Best Project Of Transforming Digital 2016" in the Second Edition of the Awards National eCommerce & Transformation Digital from over 180 nominees." class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" style="cursor: pointer; outline: 0px;">

Google and Facebook have cannibalized their income worldwide, the press groups must reinvent their advertising offering to increase their online revenues, offset the decline in traditional channels, and compete with the giants of the net.

With this award, the Observatory of Commerce Online & Digital Transformation of the Digital Economy Business School Forum Local Digital Kit award as the best innovative solution to help SMEs stronger foothold in their respective local markets.

An achievement made possible by the creation and perpetuation of a mobile web presence and high performance for SMEs, and backed by an increased visibility in local or regional print media, as well as optimum SEO in local results search engines, thanks to "technical and tactical optimization of search Marketing and SEO," said Roberto de Celis, Vice President of the Digital Advertising Vocento, when receiving the award.

"Local Digital Kit is revolutionizing the market of local digital advertising and responds to the most pressing challenge that SMEs currently face: improving the quality and quantity of leads generated through online marketing budgets for small businesses," added Mr Celis.

Michel Leconte, SeoSamba President, added that "in a saturated market of digital advertising deals targeting SMEs, the recognized brands of the local newspapers Vocento group is ideally positioned to provide the best advertising services to their local customers. SeoSamba platform provides end-to-end 'unparalleled including all the services necessary to assemble, produce and spread digital advertising, with packaged solutions offering a clear perspective and incomparable results sought by small and medium enterprises. "

"Local Digital Kit is the most effective response to develop a comprehensive digital presence, efficient and sustainable for local businesses in Spain. A comprehensive solution integrating marketing resources, SEO services and search engine marketing that neither Google nor Facebook, or the Yellow Pages type of providers are able to provide, "says Leconte.

"Vocento newspaper provides brands a turnkey solution and innovative digital advertising designed to grow without limit. We are convinced that Vocento and its news media and their local advertisers continue to reap other rewards for Local Digital Kit in the coming months, "concluded Mr. Leconte." class="CToWUd a6T" tabindex="0" style="cursor: pointer; outline: 0px;">

(Capture a screen customized interface SeoSamba platform)

For more information on  web marketing services  SeoSamba and its French partners, visit , send email to or call + (33) 675 637 635. To more information on Local Digital Kit, thank you for visiting .

About Local Digital Kit

Local Digital Kit  of the  Group Vocento  is a complete and innovative solution for digital marketing in Spain. Vocento helps small and medium enterprises to create and manage their web presence with mobile sites responsifs, directories lines, digital advertising on the websites of local and regional press, optimal referencing in search engines, full traceability of phone calls, and reports in real time or on demand via an online interface. For more information on Local Digital Kit, thank you for visiting or call  + (34) 902 102 961  (Spain).

About SeoSamba

SeoSamba created the only  online marketing platform  for automated optimization of an unlimited number of websites for search engines. The SeoSamba platform provides online marketing services to high performance especially effective for press media, franchise operators, web agencies, web directories and specialists SEO white label.

For more information on  web marketing services  SeoSamba and partners in France, visit , send email to or call + (33) 675 637 635.

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