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Show Dancers Model Bikini


Communiqué le 22/09/2017

The Fourth of July weekend just kicked summer lingerie manufacturers china season into high gear, which means it's time to seriously think about bathing suit season. In an effort to show how "real" women wear the summer staple, Alvin Ailey dancers modeled swimwear for magazine. The troupe even shared their personal experiences with body insecurities and how they overcame them. 

Company Wholesale Bikini dancers Belen Pereyra, Samantha Figgins, Danica Paulos, and Fana Tesfagiorgis showed off the season's best bathing suits, from color-blocked monokinis, to cut-out and lace-up bikinis, to athletic style swimwear that are fashionable and fits all body types. Instead of just modeling their suits for the camera, the women leaped and twirled in the air in the most beautiful and strong poses that celebrated their fiercely toned yet diversely shaped bodies.

Aside from the cheap lingerie china heavenly array of swimsuits featured, what's even more amazing is how the dancers opened up about body confidence. "I don't weight myself," Pereyra said. "There was a time that the numbers dictated my happiness, but now it is solely based on how I feel in my clothes." Meanwhile, fellow dancer Tesfagiorgis revealed how her insecurities give her more strength. "I thank God for every part of my body, and I try to use my weaknesses as inspiration to guide my training."

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